Upcoming Shoes: Reebok Edition

Reebok is not the first brand that people consider when shoe shopping but Reebok’s latest casual shoe can change that. The classic legacy shoes are colorful, simple, and affordable. The shoes are selling out at a rapid rate so only a few select colorways are available. Luckily, Reebok gives you the option of being notified once a restock hits. I would recommend getting the all-white, all-black, or beige versions once the restock hits the shelves. You can wear the shoes in any way you think. You can for for a casual look with the street-wear joggers and tee or you can go with a more formal cuffed pants, non-visible socks, and tucked-in shirt combo.

Go check out the other colorways and sign up for the release date notification down below.


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Dope Spider-Man Apparel for Men

Okay, Spider-Men, I’ve got some deals for everyone. I recently came across this dope website that sells fresh and trendy streetwear for Men. They also happen to have Spider-Man clothes that are licensed by Marvel. This will be a short post because I just thought these clothes were dope and worth getting some attention over. Take a look below and click on the links to view and buy the items. You might as well get them, they’re cheap, and I’m providing coupons for the site just in case anybody is interested in Zaful’s clothing.


Coupon Code for 18% off on purchases over $10: GOLDEN

Fashion Hacks: Big Boys Edition

Credit: Ben James and Raul Samuels

Let’s admit it, fellas, we can get out of shape from time to time, especially during quarantine this year. There are times where we could care less about what we look like, and we give up on looking good because we can’t find anything to wear that boosts our confidence and image. I wasn’t kidding when I said trends-for-mens are for all types of men. That being said, this post is for the big guys. For all my football fans, shoutout to the lineman, you drive the game. I will be providing some hacks that make our larger sized men look slimmer without sacrificing the look.

Ben James: Prime Example

To start off, we will be analyzing Ben James, an Instagram model. Ben is a 6’8 Behemoth of a man and has a great way of embracing his size and dressing in a way that makes him confident.
If you’re a big boy, you’re gonna need to know how to find the right-sized shirt. Ben does this by finding longer shirts that are NOT too wide. Doing this will allow for your torso, which is broad, to be shown off.
The next key component is layering. Fall is coming up and depending on where you live and the weather, your layering choice can be impacted. James likes to combine his shirts with a layer of leather jackets or overcoats when it’s cold. When hot, he wants to combine his shirts with kimonos. Also, if you’re insecure about man-boobs, then layering is a great way to cover up.
Ben’s method is to purchase pants that are slim or tapered but also provide a lot of thigh room. This is great because if the goal is to look slimmer, you want to avoid baggy clothes. This is because loose clothes make you look even bigger, so go slim and show off the bod.

Places to shop include: ASOS, American Eagle, Levis, DXL, Boohoo, and River Island

That concludes that portion of the post I will no go into 3 personal tips that I like to use to look slimmer.

3 Personal Tips: To Look Slimmer

Tip One: No Baggy Shirts

If you want to have a slim look, it’s good to buy over-sized shirts, but they CANNOT be too baggy. However, this only applies when wearing light colors. Over-sized shirts are not necessary when wearing darker colors. I recommend darker colors because they also have the power slim down the dad bod, and you can get them in your standard size. You will not look any slimmer if your clothing is too baggy.

Tip Two: Roll the Sleeves

There’s not much to say here, but MUSCLES! Can’t get enough of them. The added feeling of masculinity and muscularity gives me a confidence boost. I might be working out to get big, but I also want to at least look the part and feel like a bad ass while I’m getting there. If the Weight is eventually lost, then I can upgrade back to muscles sleeved shirts.

Tip Three: Tuck it In

The goal here is simple. Tuck your shirt and pull some of the tucked out to give a looser tuck. Now you’re going to have more of a snatched waist with some room for your stomach, so not everything is stuffed. The nice part is that you can tuck your shirt into almost any form of legwear. I like to tuck my shirts into my shorts, jeans, and cuffed dress pants. Just to provide some extra information, cuffed pants add height to your body frame and make you look taller. By the way, get more button-downs! They cover your curves and you can get them in long, and short sleeve.

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Stop Overpaying for Athletic Shorts!

For our men who love to workout, buying cheap yet quality shorts that won’t rip on your first set at the squat rack can be very challenging. You either get sucked into paying seventy dollars for a pair of shorts that cost around 10 bucks or you get sucked into buying rip-off shorts. This is why I’m here to find that perfect balance.

Examples of Shorts You Don’t Wanna Buy

Here are some basic points to why these are not viable shorts:

  • 9 Inch Shorts Are NOT the Trend (Must be 7 or below)
  • Basic Look ( I could find a better design practically anywhere)
  • Overpriced
  • 100% Polyester Not Worth it
  • Comprised of Three different materials (Not as Resistant)
  • Same Shorts Can be Found for Cheaper
  • No Pocket Liner for Phone
  • Bundles Add Up Quickly

Best Options for Reliability and Price

Nike Shorts: If you’re willing to pay the bit extra for fabletics then you should consider throwing that idea out with the rest of your torn up shorts. You might as well go with Nike and save yourself the worry of overpaying because Nike shorts are top-quality and the name is as big as ever. This Blog goes over what is trendy and there’s nothing hotter than this brand out right now. (You can ask Drake if you don’t believe me)

Amazon Shorts: Amazon shorts are the clear cut favorite. Many different options from different sellers. The ones below come in many different colorways. The shorts below will also be made out of resistant material.(95% Polymide 5% Polyester) Lets be honest here, they’re not name brand but they’re cheap and reliable. Nobody wants to pay around $100 for more than one pair of shorts. With FLYFIREFLY shorts, you can get four pairs of shorts for around $100 and still have 4 colorways that look far better than the shorts above.

These bad boys will keep your boys dry if you know what I mean. They will stay intact after leg day (for those that don’t skip it). They also won’t break the bank if you find that you want another pair.

Here is a link for the shorts, I encourage you to invest:




Honorable Mention: ASOS

Introduction Post

This is my introduction and first blog post! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet and introduce myself. My name is Remy, and I’m a college student that has a passion for creating content that helps others. My goal for this page is to introduce all types of men to different men’s fashion. I will undergo reviews with varying clothing and market stores and find out which are the most stylish and affordable. I will also examine different unique pieces of clothing, their pricing, and where to buy it.

Some Things About Me

  • Born in Chicago
  • Big Sports Fan
  • Interested in Majoring in Business Analytics
  • Sneaker Head
  • Love Working Out

I decided to start this page because of how the pandemic has impacted my life. I want to be apart of something bigger than myself and push through these struggling times. It would mean the world for any viewer of this page to look at my content and share it with others who would also appreciate it. Thank you guys, I will make sure to find time outside of classes to put forward its effort to provide great Men’s Fashion content.