Stop Overpaying for Athletic Shorts!

For our men who love to workout, buying cheap yet quality shorts that won’t rip on your first set at the squat rack can be very challenging. You either get sucked into paying seventy dollars for a pair of shorts that cost around 10 bucks or you get sucked into buying rip-off shorts. This is why I’m here to find that perfect balance.

Examples of Shorts You Don’t Wanna Buy

Here are some basic points to why these are not viable shorts:

  • 9 Inch Shorts Are NOT the Trend (Must be 7 or below)
  • Basic Look ( I could find a better design practically anywhere)
  • Overpriced
  • 100% Polyester Not Worth it
  • Comprised of Three different materials (Not as Resistant)
  • Same Shorts Can be Found for Cheaper
  • No Pocket Liner for Phone
  • Bundles Add Up Quickly

Best Options for Reliability and Price

Nike Shorts: If you’re willing to pay the bit extra for fabletics then you should consider throwing that idea out with the rest of your torn up shorts. You might as well go with Nike and save yourself the worry of overpaying because Nike shorts are top-quality and the name is as big as ever. This Blog goes over what is trendy and there’s nothing hotter than this brand out right now. (You can ask Drake if you don’t believe me)

Amazon Shorts: Amazon shorts are the clear cut favorite. Many different options from different sellers. The ones below come in many different colorways. The shorts below will also be made out of resistant material.(95% Polymide 5% Polyester) Lets be honest here, they’re not name brand but they’re cheap and reliable. Nobody wants to pay around $100 for more than one pair of shorts. With FLYFIREFLY shorts, you can get four pairs of shorts for around $100 and still have 4 colorways that look far better than the shorts above.

These bad boys will keep your boys dry if you know what I mean. They will stay intact after leg day (for those that don’t skip it). They also won’t break the bank if you find that you want another pair.

Here is a link for the shorts, I encourage you to invest:

Honorable Mention: ASOS

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